— This Could Be Home

“This Could Be Home" is an ongoing conceptual series photographed in what I experienced to be some of the most intriguing and inspiring places around the world. This series is born from a deep sense of freedom; a childlike itch and curiosity to see and feel. The concept of "home" and "domestic" have never gone hand in hand to me. A house is not a home, and home is but an emotion that can't be fenced in.

Creative Process:

The series is shot exclusively in photographic film, as a necessary pause in the madness of instant gratification and over-shooting we are living today. I started this project back in 2013, on a camping trip to one of the most magical places I've seen: Yosemite Valley, CA.

All I had was some film rolls and an old point and shoot. I wanted the images to be spontaneous and scarce, as opposed to researched and abundant. I didn't mind the risk of losing or ruining my film, losing all the photos on the process. I wanted to capture an impulse. And without realizing it, the series was born.

"This Could Be Home" speaks of the fascinating and intricate Earth-Human interaction, as well as the need for communion and contact with the world around us. This interaction is observed through the ephemeral human element in every image.

While strangers fascinate me, placing myself as that human component in the picture allows me to connect better with the moment. It helps me express my narrative in a more organic, consistent way.

The photographs are 100% conceptualized, directed and modeled by me. Some of the images are self-portraits, but most of the time they're captured by my partner Dustin Hein.