— The Portal

In the time we live in, everyone has either an innate desire to travel, the need to travel, or the burden to travel. Wether we are looking to satisfy our curiosity, learn about different cultures, change our lives, be successful, be humbled, be a stranger, admire the glory of nature, visit another human being, expand our awareness, whatever it is that we want, we have to walk through “The Portal”: Airports and aircrafts; modern and intelligent machines and spaces that keep gathering us together from all corners of the world, reminding us about the speedy pass of time and announcing us proudly that there are no limits and the future is here indeed. We develop a relationship with this “in between” places, sometimes one of love, sometimes one of hate, and often at arm’s length and fast to forget the time we’ve spent there. But we do spend, in one degree or another, a very large part of our lives there; we sit and wait, we lay, we dream, we meet, we anticipate, we run.

This photo-story is dedicated to this Portal: the present, the journey and the in between A and B.
— Felicidad