OCTOBER 4TH 2018 6-9PM


Debuting "How Soon Is Now" photo series

HOW SOON IS NOW by Felicidad De Lucas

“What are human beings are feeling in the face of a changing environment? 

We hear a lot about the direct physical impacts of climate change. But we are not sure how to talk about the indirect emotional, psychological and socio-ethical effects that the climate crisis is bringing us. While some people have successfully figured out how to be proactive with the planet and keep themselves from losing hope, many others are experiencing a great deal of “Eco-Anxiety”: Some don’t believe they can help and the burden of inaction gets heavier each day. Others make an effort to take positive steps, only to end up demoralized about endeavoring to do more than they can to prevent an unavoidable tragedy. Unfortunately, both scenarios result in conflict-avoidance and even higher pollution on our part.

This conceptual project focuses on human vulnerability and consciousness towards climate change and why this subject matters, rather than focusing only on the damage we have caused. It is my personal interpretation of “Eco-Anxiety” and intent to de-mystify it while drawing attention to hope in the midst of hardship. 

Perhaps one day we’ll understand that we don’t need to carry the weight of every carbon molecule on our shoulders to utilize the power of our actions towards a more sustainable lifestyle. In the meantime, we should at least realize that we can speak about this out loud and that we are not alone in the chaos.

*The plastic I used in these images is being re-used for other artwork and ordinary life things until I decide to recycle it (it is 100% recyclable).”