— How Soon Is Now?

“Physical consequences aren’t the only danger of Climate Change. This satirical photo series on the topic of Eco-Anxiety, intend to show how clueless and helpless human beings feel sometimes when trying to do something good for our planet. We find ourselves submerged in a confusing, irresponsable and high consumption lifestyle, which makes us think that actions such as using less plastic, less water or less heat, etc. are ineffective and pointless. We often end up demoralized which results in more frustration, conflict-avoidance and even higher pollution on our part. Perhaps one day we realize the power of our actions towards the climate crisis and manage the inability to feel like we are making a difference in stopping it, no matter how much we want to. In the meantime we should at least be sure we are not alone in the jumble.

From my point of view, the reason this topic matters is because it speaks not only of the situation we are dealing with environmentally, but also of a particular stage in the collective mind and consciousness. It shifts the attention to what human beings are feeling when looking at the world instead of focusing on what the world is feeling because of our bad actions towards it.

The reason I chose plastic as the link is because of the irony of knowing that plastic is one of the major problems we are dealing with environmentally, yet we still struggle to get rid of it and continue to use it to protect ourselves and our crops, animals and goods from difficult weather. In these photo series, it speaks about human desperation, anxiety and confusion and it’s both frustrating and a little humorous to me.

The plastic used in the images is being used for other work and ordinary life things until I decide to recycle it (it is 100% recyclable).”
— Felicidad